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Iain MacGillivray / Dick Gaughan Concert, 17th January 2010

"If you can remember the sixties" they say, "you weren't there!" I'll plead the 5th amendment then on that one, but I do vividly recall early 1970. I had befriended an extremely talented young folk singer here in my, and his, native Inverness. Through that burgeoning friendship with Iain MacGillivray I was introduced to Dick Gaughan. The emerging vocal brilliance and instrumental dexterity of the pair was, I reckoned worthy of some "Northern Exposure" and so the "six bob" concert was promoted and arranged for 18th January 1970 in the ballroom of the old Caley Hotel.

40 years on, I was privileged to be one of a handful of the original audience attending the reunion concert at Bogbain Farm. This well-attended evening was a musical treat, at times surprising and innovative, embracing diverse source material from the likes of Hank Williams and Rab Noakes. Both members of the Dynamic Duo were in great form and quipping the night away in their droll, and always amusing, fashion. A full blown rock number from "The Band's" repertoire, "Cripple Creek", gave mine host Bruce MacGregor an opportunity to get in on the action with some dexterous bowing.

The evening was a testament above all to enduring friendship. Absent friends were not forgotten and the memory of fellow singer and compatriot Bobby Eaglesham was honoured by Iain's fine rendition of "Without Me Just with You".

If reincarnation is, (after all), an option Dick wants to come back as Levon Helm.

Personally, masel', I'm not ready for "coming back". I'll settle for being around for the 50th anniversary concert.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot? No, don't think so

 If you see a look of relief...  Ah wanna come back as Levon Helm!  Sound Check   If you're mad enough to shout 'More' that's fine...  Thanks, pal!


"One Week World Tour" Ends In Glenfarg, 5th July 2010

(Review by Ian Chudleigh, posted in the Dick Gaughan Forum and reproduced by permission)

Monday night in the Glenfarg Hotel, the local Folk Club hosted “the final leg of a World Tour” by Ranald Smith and our very own mgill. What an entertaining night it was - full of great music and banter (the quote in the title and first paragraph being part of the banter and rapport with the audience).

The set list included:-

Bleacher Lassie O Kelvinhaugh – sung by Iain
Sam Stone
Seven Mile Lane
Galway to Graceland
The Beacon
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda – sung by Ranald.
Mr Bojangles

The highlights for me were Iain singing his own songs "Seven Mile Lane" and "The Beacon".

This world tour celebrated their 35th Anniversary year of playing together. And yes it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

After our farewells we all headed home north and south on the M90 motorway. Around midnight and seven miles south of Glenfarg we passed Balado, Kinross. This weekend thousands of music fans will flock to Balado for the annual "T in the Park" Music Festival – one of the largest festivals in the UK.

Liz and I won’t be there. After all, we had already been at the music event of the week.

Here’s to the next world tour.


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